Mesken haule


Who are we?

Mesken Haule is a family-owned company, based in Friesland, The Netherlands. Since 1991 we build  high-quality baling equipment and industrial automation production lines.

Baling equipment

We specialize in developing and producting balers for natural fibres, pulp and a variety of waste products. On top of that, we can automate any industrial proces.

Machine creators

In addition to making balers, we also make all kinds of other machines for industrial purposes. Think of weighing solutions, bulk handling, 3D engineering etcetera.

Mesken Haule

Mesken Haule is a family company specialized in developing and production of baling equipment and packaging machines for natural fibres, pulp and a variety of waste products. We deliver complete production lines for processing wood shavings, sawdust, chopped hay or straw, hemp wood, flax, glass fibre, glass wool or other similar products in an efficient way.
The range consists of: transport, storage, sieving, dosing, weighing, packaging and robot handling.

From our factory in the Netherlands, we export 85% of our machines all over the world. From the United States to Australia, we deliver and install our equipment worldwide.


Industrial Automation and Engineering

Wood shaving & sawdust baler

For over 30 years, these balers make perfectly square bales. With 10+ bales per minute, they are also the fastest in the business.

Pet food baler

Mesken Haule has a wide range of equipment for the preparation and packaging of pet food and bedding materials for animals.

Heavy duty balers

We produce high quality balers, which are strong and dureable. Ideal for packing hemp, flax, straw and other hard to compress products.

Engineering solutions

We have mechanical and electrical engineers in service, creatings effective solutions for your problems.


We supply, install and program Fanuc robotics to our customer needs. With cutting edge programming, no knowledge of robots is needed.


High tech workshop

We are proud of our energy neutral workshop. Floor heated and equipped with 4 overhead cranes make work easy and comfortable.

Build to last

Quality in fabrication and build is very important to us. This ensures a long lifetime and prevents downtime.

Balers for animal bedding – pet food – hemp – insulation material – silage – mulch. Factory automation. Material Supply, dust extraction and filtration. Dosing units. Pet food supply lines . Flat foil sealer. Bundling wrapper


Marcel Turk

Mechanical engineer

Gerwin Goetssch

Mechanical 3D engineer

Henk Mesken

Operational manager

Eelze Bosma

Application engineer

Folker Hummel

Mechanical 3D engineer

Sander van Esch

Mechanical supervisor

Ruben Hofsté

Mechanical engineer

Roy Kreuger

Electrical engineer

Wietze Mesken

General manager

Ane Anema

Machine operator


Client Reviews

Back in 2015 we purchased a production line for large bales from Mesken. The machines are of good quality and  the people behind the company make the project a great success.

Brendon Martin

Martins Fertilizer

We have received very high end, reliable manufacturing equipment over the last 4 years. The Customer Service we receive, if issues arise, has been second to none.


United States of America

We have been customers since 2012. Great machines. If you want a machine that just does the job and you like working with even better people: Stop, you are in the right place!

Will Peel Yates

Pillow Wad
United Kingdom

In 2008 we bought our first production line from Mesken. This machine has done 25 million bags. We now have three lines running 24/7. Mesken’s quality and service is very good and reliable.


TFP – United States of America



Mesken Haule delivers complete production lines for processing and baling wood shavings, sawdust, chopped hay or straw, hemp wood, flax, sugar cane, glass fibre, glass wool or other similar products.